About Me

Laura Grande

I’ve written about history since my early university days, so I figured I should create a space to keep them all together. My blog will include history-related discussions based on my own research, as well as some of my previously published articles which appeared in History Magazine. Although I tend to focus on British history, for the most part, I also write about Canadian and European history, as well.

I’m a journalism student in the post-graduate program at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. I’m currently an intern with Today’s Parent and I’m a freelance writer/editor/fact-checker for History Magazine. I was also the Arts and Lifestyle Editor for the school paper, The Centennial Courier, and a part-time reporter with the Toronto Observer and East York Observer.

I graduated from York University with an Hon. B.A. in History and English Literature in 2008. I’ve also attended an international summer school program at Edinburgh University in Scotland in 2007.

I love film and maintaining my film blog, City Lights.  My other interests include reading (both the classics and historical biographies), writing, travelling, hockey, museums, theatre and criminology.



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